We help good brands find a more sustainable path to growth.

Think of us like your CMOs on demand.

We take a strategic look at your brand and help you find simpler solutions to making your good brand and great products even better...without you or your team burning out.

Why work with us?

We work as an extended part of your team (not another agency to manage), without the cost of hiring a full-time senior marketing executive. .

Put simply, we help you uncover what makes your customers tick, and optimise your brand, product, service and team, so that people love what you do, and want to share it - because we believe that’s at the heart of sustainable marketing.

Who we are?

We’re a strategic duo, with a combined forty years of marketing experience.

Tara McFall is a digital wizard who loves empowering people to use digital to grow sustainably and work smarter.

Katie Graham is a strategist obsessed with good brands and how to make them even better.

Together, we work with founders to understand and overcome business challenges, and find simple, sustainable solutions to growth for your brand to suit your team and lifestyle.

We started Sustainable Growth Co. after discovering we had both experienced burnout in business, and realising we could help others work in ways to avoid doing just that.

Trusted by brands big and small

"Tara and Katie helped streamline the business to improve customer experience as well as my own quality of life"

Kate Dalton, Mayde Tea

"I learned so many things about the technical side of my business to refine my values to trust building"

Madeline, Auric Alchemy

Our Services

Brand Strategy, Development + Websites

  • Define and launch your brand
  • Develop your visual identity
  • Brand positioning and tone of voice
  • Website development
  • Channel development

Strategic Advisory (CMO on demand)

  • Senior strategic marketing advice to help you make all the important decisions.
  • Without the full-time head count
  • Without hiring costs!

Strategic Brand Review + Insight

  • Brand review and audit from all aspects -product, marketing, digital, customer service
  • Identify growth opportunities

Your Outsourced Marketing Team

  • Develop your marketing strategy to meet your objectives
  • 12-month marketing plan
  • We find and manage the right team to implement your marketing
  • You get on with running your business

Project + Channel Management

  • Project management
  • Email marketing
  • Partnerships and affiliates
  • Content
  • Digital channels

Workshops and Training

  • Bespoke team workshops and training

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